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"As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained" - Arthur Cayley

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You can visit our website www.fractionshub.com and visit the courses page to know more about our courses. All our courses will be added here soon. Classroom work is in progress. Stay tuned.


Mock Tests-For I.S.I. and C.M.I. Entrance Exam


Protected: Number Theory Quizzes, Tests, Assignments

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We have got faculties from top universities in USA and India who are dedicated and passionate about teaching. Please do join us to get the live experience.

Fractions-Think Math

We teach live and also provide assignments and quizzes and now we are building this platform to give our students so that they can time themselves while practicing and also build the relevant skills.

This classroom experience is going to set a path for our learners to achieve their goals of learning beautiful mathematics and also crack the toughest mathematical exams in India, USA as well as other countries.

Here you get to learn from the professionals who have actually cracked the toughest exams in their country and are now in some of the top universities in India and USA.

Upcoming Courses

  • We are going to start our special batch for IOQM 2023 from 1 st April, focusing on a limited number of students who will be selected via exams or recommendations
  • We are also going to launch our ISI MStat-IITJAM batches from 1 st April.

What Our Students Have to Say

I got a chance to learn from Arkabrata Das. He taught me all the advanced stuffs that was very helpful in cracking INMO as well as in the IMO training camp.
Aatman Supkar
Cracked INMO 2020
The mock tests helped me a lot to crack both ISI and CMI. The teachers here are very professional. Paper checking was as per ISI standards.
Ankit Gayen
KVPY Fellow, ISI Bmath 2021, CMI 2021
I took one to one classes from Arkabrata Das and they really helped me a lot to crack AMC 10. They know what you exactly need to crack these exams and you can also learn some advanced mathematics from them, like I learned group theory and currently I am in standard eight.
Prahit Yaugand
AMC 10, 2020, 2022
I have learned most of the olympiad topics from Arkabrata Das. I have taken one to one sessions as well as I joined their batches but due to different time zones I was not able to join those classes live but I watched the recordings and the classes were interactive and especially I liked the way thet teach.
Ankit Muppala
AMC 10, 2020, 2021, 2022